Cristiano Ronaldo Facts Every Fan Should Know About CR7 [DETAILED]

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts Every Fan Should Know About CR7 [DETAILED]

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s most popular players, and like all celebrities, Ronaldo’s life, too, is an open book. We all know a lot about him, be it his career or his personal life, his total number of goals or his list of girlfriends. But, does one person know all about him? Amidst all the other things, we often miss out on a few interesting facts. Here’s a quick look at some facts about Ronaldo that you might not know of!

Amazing and Unknown Cristiano Ronaldo Facts

Ronaldo’s mother wasn’t sure about him

CR7 Mother, Picture: Cristiano Ronaldo Facts

Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Santos, admitted that she considered aborting her youngest son, who grew up to become the living legend of soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s obvious that the decision was based on their weak financial condition at that time. Ronaldo’s dad was a gardener and Dolores, a cleaning lady. They couple had three kids. The mother-son duo now laughs at the decision she didn’t take at that time.

Ronaldo’s Name

Cristiano Ronaldo Name Fact, Cristiano Ronaldo Facts

Did you know that full name of Cristiano Ronaldo is actually is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro? He was named after Ronaldo Reagan, the 40th President of the United States of America, and also a US actor. Ronaldo’s father Jose Dinis Aveiro was a huge fan of the actor and former president, and hence the name. The player himself prefers to be addressed as Cristiano by women, and as Ronaldo by men.

Ronaldo’s Speed Training as a Young Boy

Cristiano Ronaldo Training in Young Age: Cristiano Ronaldo Facts

As a young boy, Ronaldo always pushed himself to do better. He used to train with weights tied around his legs at night in Eduardo VII Park, since he thought that if he could run fast with weights on, he would be even faster without them. On his way back home, he used to stop when the traffic lights went red, and then start racing with the cars when the lights turned green. He thought this made him faster!

Ronaldo’s Heart Condition

Ronaldo Dignosed heart patient at age of 15: Ronaldo Facts

At the age of 15, Ronaldo came close to the end of his career as a sportsperson. He was diagnosed with a heart condition that made his heart race even he was not playing or running, and this got everyone worried. He was playing for Sporting Lisbon at that time. He had a surgery, in which the area of the heart that was causing the issue was cauterized. He was discharged the same day after a successful surgery.

Ronaldo Signing with Parma

Cristiano Ronaldo Facts: Ronaldo siging with perma FC

The transition of Ronaldo from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United is a milestone in Ronaldo’s career. But, Ronaldo almost DIDN’T join MUFC! He was in talks with Italian club Parma in 2003, a Serie A team then, and was about to sign with them for €11M to fill the gap in their right wing. But Alex Ferguson offered him €17M. Parma went bankrupt that season, and 10 years later, they had to start from Serie D.

Ronaldo and Liverpool

Ronaldo vs Liverpool: Cr7 facts

It was not just Parma that missed the chance to sign Ronaldo, but also Liverpool. Former boss of Liverpool, Gerard Houllier, admitted in the year 2010 that he had the chance to sign Ronaldo when he was still in Sporting Lisbon, but Houllier rejected Ronaldo. Instead, the Portuguese player went to MUFC, and won the FA Cup, the Champions League, the FIFA Club World Cup and three Premier League titles.

Ronaldo’s Famous Jersey No. 7

Ronaldo at manchester united with number 7 jersey, Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo CR7

We all know that before joining MUFC, Ronaldo played at Sporting Lisbon, where he wore jersey no. 28. Once he joined the English club, Sir Alex Ferguson wanted him to wear no. 7. But, Ronaldo was terrified to put on a jersey number that has been donned by some of the biggest names in football, from George best to David Beckham. But Ferguson insisted. Today, CR7 is almost a brand name in the world of soccer.

Ronaldo Doesn’t Drink for a Reason

ronaldo does not drink, CR7 Amazing Facts

Did you know that Ronaldo does not touch alcohol? It’s not because of his sports career but for a personal reason, because he has closely seen how alcoholism can destroy a person. His father was an alcoholic. Ronaldo tried to help him by suggesting rehab, but Jose refused to go. In 2005, when Ronaldo was just 20, his father died with liver and kidney problems. It’s a shame he couldn’t see CR7’s success.

Ronaldo doesn’t have tattoos

Cristiano Ronaldo Don't have tattoos on his body, Hidden Facts About Ronaldo

Unlike most other athletes and celebrities with buffed up bodies, Ronaldo refuses to get tattoos, and it’s not because he might regret the subject of his tattoos some day, but because of a noble cause. Ronaldo donates blood regularly, and in many places there are strict rules regarding the time between a tattoo and donation of blood. He started an online campaign in 2015 to encourage his fans to donate blood.

Scoring in every minute of the game

Ronaldo Scored in every minute of match, CR7 Unknown Facts

Ronaldo has earned many unbeatable records, but do you know that he has the record of scoring in every minute of a game? In 2014, he became the first player to score in every minute of a soccer game. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the only other person to have the same record of scoring a goal in each miute of football matches, from the 1st min to the 90th. He has made most goals in the 45th and 90th minutes.

There’s a lot more to know about this incredible player. He has had many ups and downs, be it in his career or his personal life. Altogether, Ronaldo’s life has many stories, and some day, when he will hang up his boots, his life’s tales will probably be compiled into one amazing biography.

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