Cristiano Ronaldo Documentary | Full Video and review

One of the greatest football players today is, without a doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo. He has grabbed the attention of football lovers and critics across the world with his amazing game play, and his skills with the ball. But, he is more than a great player. He has managed to grab attention with who he is, or has become. Starting out as a scrawny little boy from a poverty-stricken family, he had changed into this attractive, wealthy person. He is also enamored in controversies all the time. Be it his brash behaviour with opponents, or his casanova lifestyle, everything is always under observation, and people always want to know more. And, to put his whole life’s story together, a documentary was made in 2015. The British documentary is called Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Documentary


Ronaldo, the British documentary on the life of Portuguese footballer, was released worldwide in English and Portuguese on 9 November 2015. Its trailer had been released on 28th September 2015. Ronaldo himself announced the production of the film on Twitter on June 9 2015 with a picture of his son behind the camera.


The film documents Ronaldo’s journey, from his childhood till 2015. It showcases the soccer player’s career, his dedication towards what he does, and his success story, and also gives a glimpse into his personal life, how he spends time with his family and friends, the bond he shares with his son Cristiano Ronaldo jr., and mom Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, as well as his brother and two sisters. It shows a series of interviews with the player himself himself, as well as with friends and family.


It is directed by Anthony Wonke, with James Gay-Rees, Asif Kapadia and Paul Martin as the producers. The documentary of the Portuguese sports star was shot over a period of 14 months, during which the filmmakers gained access to Ronaldo’s life and his close circle of friends, family and team-mates. The film was shot in Ronaldo’s birth town Madeira, in Lisbon where he started his professional career as a footballer with Sporting CP, and Madrid where he currently lives as a member of club Real Madrid.

Universal Pictures distributed the movie which had “On the Corner Films”, “We Came We Saw We Conquered Studios” and “Mediapro” as the production companies. Mike Eley and Neil Harvey were responsible for the cinematography, while Walter Mair composed the background score.

Ronaldo Documentary Review

The film received mixed reactions. His constant need to better himself and achieve more accolades is the running theme of the movie, alongside his rivalry with Messi. While a lot of criticism has been thrown at Ronaldo’s ‘obsession’ with individual awards, and the polished finish of the movie, none can deny the interesting materials that came from his family members, especially his mother and his son. Interestingly, the film has been cleared of all scandals and negative aspects of his life. While many have criticised this style of telling Ronaldo’s life story, what’s truly remarkable is how Ronaldo’s true zest to achieve perfection has been portrayed in the movie. IMBD has given this film 6.4 out of 10 stars.

This film, created at a time when Ronaldo has constantly proven wrong all speculations of hanging his football boots, shows that he is nothing but a living legend. If you are looking for scandals about Ronaldo’s life in this movie, then you will be disappointed. But, if you’re a true Ronaldo fan, this documentary is a must-watch.

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