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Cristiano Ronaldo Mom | Ronaldo Mother Wiki

One of the most important people in the life of Portugal soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly his mother. She is a constant source of love, support and affection in the life of the player. It is not uncommon for people to have loving, doting, supportive moms. But, for some people, the bond is particularly strong, because of all the ups and downs they have gone through together. Such is the life and bond of Cristiano Ronaldo and his mother, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro.

The woman has fought poverty, made tough calls, and done everything possible to support the career and decisions of Ronaldo. We all know that the Real Madrid layer is one of the best in the world, and receives a lot of heat and criticism, from everyone. One can only imagine that his world is quite lonely, because that’s how it is at the top. Dolores has not only helped him reach the top, but also been there by his side. And, Ronaldo tries to be the best son possible.

Cristiano Ronaldo Mom

Cristiano Ronaldo Mom | Ronaldo Mother Wiki

Dolores was wedded to José Dinis Pereira Aveiro who was a poor municipality gardener living in Santo António, a neighbourhood of Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. She herself worked as a cook and cleaning lady. The couple already had three kids, a son and two daughters, when she found out she was pregnant with her fourth child, Cristiano. At this point, their financial condition was such that Dolores considered aborting the fourth baby. While talking about this in an approved biography, Dolores revealed further after her doctor had refused to help her with her plan to drop her 4th child, she had drunk warm beer and run till she dropped. But, the baby survived. and now, the mother-son duo laugh about the past. She is thankful that she did not take the decision, and had a son whom she supported in every way.

When Ronaldo started showing his deep love for the sport of football, she realised how important the sport was to the little boy. Eventually, she took the difficult decision to put a stop to Ronaldo’s formal education, and allow the boy to pursue football on a full time basis. The rest, of course, is history.

Cristiano Ronaldo Mother Picture With Cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo Mom | Ronaldo Mother Wiki

As the wealthiest athlete today, Ronaldo has changed the life of his mother. He has put an end to her life as a domestic help, and given her everything from a beautiful house to live in to a Porsche for her birthday. But, that doesn’t mean everything has been a bed of roses for her since Ronaldo entered the world of international soccer and earned instant fame, success and wealth.

Dolores’s husband was an alcoholic, and in 2005, she became a widow after his liver failed because of his heavy alcohol intake. While Ronaldo had tried very hard to send him to rehab and help him overcome his affinity to alcohol, Jose lost to his desire for the poison drink, and the family lost him on 6th September 2005. Dolores was 50 at that time.

That was not the last leg of her misery. She struggled with breast cancer around 2007, and eventually, her lump was removed. She went through radiotherapy, and she still takes anti-cancer medicines. This harmed the career of Ronaldo, but eventually, the mother-son duo beat this crisis, too!

Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrating Premier League Win

Cristiano Ronaldo Mom | Ronaldo Mother Wiki

Trouble seems to love her company, and find her even in the simplest of situations. In June 2015, she was stopped by Civil Guard officers at the Madrid Airport, and confiscated 45,000 Euros and stopped her from leaving the country with such a big fortune in her hand luggage, without declaring the cash, or being able to prove its origin. However, it was declared that this was an administrative error, rather than a crime; sources close to her said that she was ignorant of the legislation on cash limits and had no “other intentions.”

Ronaldo never stopped caring for his mother. He wants her to step out with bodyguards to protect her. He says that one of the reasons he parted ways with his long-term girlfriend Irina Shayk is because she did not feel the need to attend Dolores’ 60th birthday. Dolores never found Irina a fitting partner for her son, because taking care of Ronaldo’s eldest son like a mother was never appealing to her.

Ronaldo With His Mom

Cristiano Ronaldo Mom | Ronaldo Mother Wiki

But, she lives a peaceful, happy life. She is involved in every aspect of her son’s life, and she had taken Ronaldo’s eldest son Cristianinho under her wing, right after his birth. The little boy does not have his biological mother around, but Dolores has never let him feel the dearth of motherly love. And now, she is busy with Ronaldo’s new twin babies. She joined Twitter and Instagram in 2015, and she loves to post pictures of herself with her children, grandchildren and other family members.

Here are some trivia about Dolores [Cristiano Ronaldo Mother.

Birth: She was born on 31 December 1954 in Portugal. She is now 62 years old.

Husband: Her husband was José Dinis Aveiro, who died in 2005.

Children:  She has four children – Cristiano Ronaldo, Katia Aveiro, Hugo Aveiro, Elma Aveiro. Katia is a singer, and runs a clothing line with her sister, Elma. Hugo has a construction business in Fugal, and is also the director of Ronaldo’s museum, the “Museu CR7” in Madeira.

Grandchildren:  Dolores has five grandchildren – Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. (Cristianinho), Mateo Ronaldo, Eva Maria Dos Santos, José Dinis Pereira Aveiro and Rodrigo Pereira Aveiro. Cristianinho, Mateo and Eva are Cristiano’s children, while Katia is the mother of José and Rodrigo.

Current Home: She lives with her youngest son and grandchildren in Madrid, Spain.

Current Ride: She rides a Porsche Boxster which has an estimated price of 135,000 euros. She received it as a birthday gift in 2015 from Ronaldo, who is a huge car buff.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sisters | Elma Aveiro and Katia Aveiro Photos

There’s no doubt about the fact that Ronaldo has made his family and friends really proud. But, did you know that Ronaldo has an elder sister who is a star in her own rights? Actually, Ronaldo is the youngest of four siblings. He has two elder sisters, Katia and Elma,and a brother, Hugo. Elma and Hugo are the more reserved siblings, while Cristiano and Katia are out to conquer the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sisters

Cristiano Ronaldo Sister Elma Aveiro

Cristiano Ronaldo Sisters | Elma Aveiro and Katia Aveiro Photos
Cristiano Ronaldo and his Sister Elma Aveiro
Cristiano Ronaldo Sisters | Elma Aveiro and Katia Aveiro Photos
Elma Aveiro

Many say that Elm Aveiro is the prettiest of of the siblings. She is married, and has a daughter. She adores her little brother, and is proud of his success. As a young girl, she was close to her mother. She used to help her take care of little Ronaldo, and now that he has grown up to become such a celebrated person in the world, she is nothing but proud and happy. She runs a fashion line with her pop star sister, Katia.


Cristiano Ronaldo Sister Katia Aveiro

Cristiano Ronaldo Sisters | Elma Aveiro and Katia Aveiro Photos
Ronaldo Sister Katia Aveiro Picture

Liliana Cátia, or just Katia, is 41 years old. More than 90,000 people follow her on Instagram, and she is a celebrity in her own right, having started her own career as a musician in 2005. She assumed the stage name La Ronalda, and later in 2014, she appeared in the Portuguese version of the reality show Survivor in 2014. She was seen performing at Cannes in 2015.

She also has a blog in which she talks about fitness. She is a fitness freak, but that does not mean that she believes in being a stick-figure. She has maintained her curves, and is still fit and healthy. Through her blog, she gives out advice to be fit and happy. In fact, she is one of those people who think it is important to find happiness in the path to fitness and health. She says that her time at the gym is a spiritual experience. She has stayed true to her body type.

Cristiano Ronaldo Picture with his Sisters

Cristiano Ronaldo Sisters | Elma Aveiro and Katia Aveiro Photos
Cristiano Ronaldo Posing With his Sisters Elma Aveiro and Katia Aveiro

She has two sons, Rodrigo Pereira Aveiro, José Dinis Pereira Aveiro. Ronaldo was of immense help to her at the start of her career, and she is fiercely loyal to her little brother. She is juggling the roles of an artist, a blogger, a business woman, a mother, a wife, and a sister – all in all, she is a woman of many shades, and she fights to excel in all of them with a bright smile on her face.

CR7 Sister Katia Aveiro Video

Altogether, Ronaldo is the much-coddled brother of two amazing women, who live life on their own terms, and shower him with love and support at every step of his way!

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr [Son Of Cristiano Ronaldo] Age, Photos and Facts

It’s a lot of pressure to be a celebrity kid. Soon after their birth, they are burdened with expectations, scrutiny by the media, comparisons with the parents, and unnecessary attention. Something similar has happened to Cristiano Ronaldo jr., the son of the world’s most popular soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s controversy associated with even the birth of the little boy. Let’s take a look at his life.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Age, Photos and Facts | Ronaldo Son

What is Ronaldo Son Name ?

Cristiano Ronaldo jr. is known by his father’s name, of course. He is also addressed as Cristianinho, which is considered as his nickname.

Ronaldo Son date of birth ?

He was born on 17th June 2010, in San Diego, California. At the time of his birth, he weighed 9 pounds and 8 ounces. He is now 7 years old.

Who is Ronaldo Son’s Mother ? or You Can Say Who Is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Mother?

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Age, Photos and Facts | Ronaldo Son

On one hand, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.’s father is known to the entire world. The player was just about 25 years old when the boy was born. On the other hand, there is no record of the 7-year old’s mother. No one is aware of the identity of the biological mother of Cristianinho, and there’s nothing but rumour or speculation about her. Some say that she was one of the many woman Ronaldo was romantically involved with. Others say that she was another surrogate, like in case of Ronaldo’s twins.

When asked, the player said that when the time comes, he will reveal the identity of his eldest’s son’s mother, only to the boy. He believes that it will be a time when the little boy will be mature enough to understand the situation, and why he has been kept separated from his biological mother. However, Ronaldo also believes that there is no dearth of love and care in his son’s life, as he himself takes immense care of his boy, besides his own mother, i.e. Cristianinho’s grandmother, Dolores Santos.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Family

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Age, Photos and Facts | Ronaldo Son

Besides his father, Cristiano Ronaldo jr. lives with his paternal grandmother, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, who is known to be very close to him, and take great care of him, filling the place of a mother in the child’s life. He has not had the fortune of seeing his grandfather, José Dinis Aveiro, who passed away in 2005. He he has an uncle, Hugo, two aunts, Elma and Liliana, and two cousins, besides two siblings who were born to a surrogate.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Life and House

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Age, Photos and Facts | Ronaldo Son

Cristiano Ronaldo jr. is a US citizen, being born in San Diego. But, he lives with Madrid, Spain, in the luxurious house of his father. He lives there with his father, grandmother and his twin siblings. He also goes to school in Spain, and he takes great interest in football.

Like Father, Like Son

Ronaldo’s son is also starting to learn the moves that his father is famous for. We have seen several instances of such moves, as he has been recorded making some striking displays with the ball, be it on the beach, with his friends, etc. He is being trained well by his father. But, the father and son duo shares more than just a loe for football, and moments of training.

Ronaldo loves his son immensely, and is known for taking care of his little boy, like any doting father would. One of the noted facts is that this famous footballer father takes the time out to get his son ready for school and drop him off. Ronaldo is seen running around the field as his son’s ball boy; he has appeared in weird disguise for Cristianinho’s fancy dress competition at school. They are seen accompanying each other to the gym, and working on the little one’s homework. Suffice it to say that Cristiano Ronaldo jr. has the best father any child could as for.

Interesting fact About Cristiano Ronaldo Jr

An interesting fact about the birth of Cristiano Ronaldo jr. is that right before he saw the light of the world, his father’s national team,Portugal, got knocked out of the FIFA World Cup 2010, in a match against Spain which eventually went on to become the champions of the tournament that season.

Today, Cristiano Ronaldo jr. is one of the most well-known children in the world. He is a star child, and is living the life of luxury, expectations and immense controversy and attention. But, there is no dearth of love in his life, as his father, grandmother, and even Ronaldo’s new girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, shower affection and care upon the boy. We can hope that the boy will someday grow up to become a fine man with many talents.